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Almacene sus datos localmente y acceda a ellos desde cualquier lugar. Lleve la IA al límite sin enviar datos a la nube pública.

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With Amber devices and apps from LatticeWork, you can enjoy the benefits of the cloud without compromising your privacy or your budget. Amber devices and apps let you store your data on your own device and access it from anywhere, without using third-party cloud services. This way, you can keep your data safe and save money on cloud fees.


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With VAISense by LatticeWork, you can use AI at the edge without depending on the public clouds. Our products and services include hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and support. They help you get the edge over your competitors, no matter the size of your business. Find out how our technology can help you in various ways.

Key Features

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Private Cloud

With Amber, you can get the hardware and software you need to protect your data and reach it from anywhere. Our solutions have won awards for being easy and convenient to use. Amber is changing the way people store and access their data.

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Easy Edge AI

VAISense is a solution that helps businesses use AI where their data is. It gives them the hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and support they need to do that. With VAISense, businesses can process their data at the "edge" with AI. This way, they can keep their consumers' privacy and get quicker and more trustworthy results.

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Cloud + AI 

LatticeWork is a company that creates advanced cloud and AI solutions for everyone. Our brand Amber gives you the benefits of cloud services without the drawbacks. It lets you keep your data safe and access it from anywhere. Our VAIsense products and services help businesses use AI where their data is. This way, they can get more out of their data while keeping it private.

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Easy Solutions

Amber X


AmberX lets you create your private cloud in an instant. You can collect, sort, and share your data the way you want. You have full control and privacy over your data.

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AmberPRO lets you host containerized applications at your own cloud server in no time, whether you work at home or at the office.

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VAISense Phoenix

VAISense Phoenix

VAISense Phoenix is a small and energy-efficient device that can run many edge AI applications with cloud-like services. It will be available in 2024.

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VAISense Custom

VAISense Custom

VAISense offers different options of IPC enclosures and I/O configurations for businesses to run their edge AI application.

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