Edge AI

Made Easy

With VAISense, you can process video and sensor data with artificial intelligence for your business. We provide the hardware, software, cloud, and support you need. You can either bring your own components, or let us guide you through the whole process.

What is Edge AI?

AI is changing how businesses understand complex data. Edge AI is the new way to do this, using AI at the edge of the network, where data is. Edge AI lets businesses understand data right away, without sending it to the cloud. This makes it faster, safer, and cheaper.

What is VAISense?

VAISense by LatticeWork is a reliable one-stop solution for your edge AI needs. It gives you the hardware to process data where it is, the software to create your own applications or with our assistance, the cloud infrastructure to control this hardware and update it, and the support to get it done.


Everything You Need


For AI applications to run near the source of data, they need devices that are powerful, efficient, small, versatile, and robust. VAISense by LatticeWork provides ready-made or tailor-made hardware solutions that satisfy these requirements, and at affordable rates.


With VAISense by LatticeWork, customers can either make their own AI applications or have our engineers make them. We have a safe and effective operating system that can host and run Docker applications. VAISense software makes it easier to develop, deploy, and maintain applications remotely and at scale.


Edge AI requires data processing at the edge, but cloud infrastructure is essential for scalable deployment and maintenance. VAISense by LatticeWork has this infrastructure ready to easily update software and launch new applications from any location.


Edge AI can be daunting for organizations that are new to these cutting-edge technologies. That's why we offer assistance throughout the process. From software creation to systems combination, we'll make you successful. Don't miss out because it feels overwhelming. We're here for you.

Some of the Possibilities 

VAISense can tackle various business challenges with edge AI. Here are some examples.


Construction Site Fire and Smoke Detection

Avoid catastrophic loss due to construction site fires with the power of AI by VAISense.

Construction Site Security Monitoring

Leverage edge AI by VAISense to monitor construction sites where internet connectivity is limited.

Construction Worker Safety Monitoring

Protect your employees and ensure adherence to policies with AI-enabled safety monitoring powered by VAISense.


Healthcare Facility Occupancy Monitoring

Understand healthcare facility utilization and better address fluctuating demand with occupancy monitoring powered by AI and VAISense.

Healthcare Patient Fall Detection

Rapidly detect when patients need help after a fall through AI powered by VAISense.


Restaurant Food Tracking and Billing

Innovate how you server and charge customers by tracking food with the power of AI by VAISense.

Restaurant Occupancy Tracking

Understand when your restaurants are the busiest and ensure adherence to safety codes with the assistance of AI by VAISense.

Gas Stations

Gas Station License Plate Recognition

Reduce fraud and enhance public safety with AI-powered VAISense license plate detection at gas stations.

Gas Station Occupancy Tracking

Understand customer behaviors and optimize gas station traffic with AI-enabled monitoring powered by VAISense.


Retail Theft Detection

Detect shoplifting and other illicit behaviors with the assistance of AI powered by VAISense.

Retail Traffic and Occupancy Tracking

Understand your customer behavior and ensure optimal store layouts with AI powered by VAISense.


Automobile Accident Detection

Dispatch emergency responders and alert drivers sooner with AI-enabled accident detection powered by VAISense.

Automobile Traffic Monitoring

Make roadways more efficient through AI-enabled traffic jam monitoring with VAISense.

Public Safety

Physical Security Intrusion Detection

Enhance physical security and reduce false alarms with AI-Enabled sensor monitoring powered by VAISense.

Physical Security License Plate Recognition

Utilize AI-enabled license plate recognition, even in areas where internet connectivity is limited, with the power of VAISense.

Physical Security Weapon and Gunshot Detection

Identify and respond instantly to the threat of weapons utilizing AI powered by VAISense.

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