Enables Amber to become a Smart Home Server with Cloud-like Services.
Amber with AmberPRO enabled is a Turnkey Solution for Anyone to install Homey API, Home-Assistant, Nextcloud, Sendent, PLEX, Swift by openstack, and many more Docker Apps.

Self Hosting. Easy.

With Amber App Store and Amber Anywhere, Amber users can self host their favarite Docker Apps with just few clicks!

Self-hosting on Amber is easy with AmberPRO

Amber App Store 

With AmberPRO's App Store, Amber users can install Docker Apps easily with just one click.

  • One-Click to install many Docker App.

  • Anyone can install Docker App even for non-tech users.

  • Partner can make their own App on AmberPRO.

Amber with AmberPRO

Amber Anywhere

With a public URL provided by Amber Anywhere, you can access Docker App on your Amber from Anywhere.  

  1. Hassle-Free - No local Network configuration needed. 

  2. Eliminate DMZ, DNS, and Port Forwarding.

  3. Connect AmberPRO as a Smart Home server with a Secure tunnel.

Amber with AmberPRO

Support Anywhere

Remote support made simple. AmberPRO makes it easy for our partners to provide tech support services from everywhere. 

  • Privacy first: No access to data folders of Amber users. 

  • Permission-based remote access with tracking.

  • Secure login portal with authentication.

  • Access control panel with log history. 

  • View setting for seamless support.

Amber with AmberPRO

Free Apps on App Store

AmberPRO is supported by Amber One & Amber Plus 

Amber X is purely a Smart Personal Cloud device without supporting AmberPRO yet.