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Amber Apps

Amber Manager 

Amber One/Amber Plus users can install Amber Manager App on mobile to set up their Amber storage and router/wi-fi securely. 


Amber iX Mobile

Amber iX app for mobile with all of the benefits of Amber, including: content streaming, TV casting, file sharing, camera roll backups, and more.


Amber iX Desktop

Amber iX app for Desktop lets you experience all of the benefits and features of your Amber smart storage platform.


Enjoy All Amber iX Features

Backup Your Camera Roll and Free up Valuable Space

Automatically backup images from one or multiple mobile devices and free up limited storage space. Amber iX is compatible with both Android and iOS, so you're not stuck with just one manufacturer's solution. 

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Organize Images & Remove Duplicates with Ege AI

Organzie and clean up your images with facial and object recognition powered by edge artificial intelligence on your own device. Unlike with other public cloud services, you don't need to give up your privacy for this capacity with Amber iX.

Grant Access to Family, Friends, or  coworkers.

Expand the full featuers of your private cloud to your family, friends, or office coworkers and connect more than one mobile of desktop device. You can access your files from anywhere in the world and you can grant access to just the people you choose. 

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Expand Capacity and Make Legacy Storage Smarter

Pair existing external storage drives to Amber with high-speed USB for increased capacity and smarter storage features. 

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Backup and Share Desktop Files

Keep your most important files backed up in an additional location and make them available to share from your own personal cloud hosted on Amber. 

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