Amber X review by John R. Delaney From PC Magazine

Photo credit: Latticework

PC Magazine's Contribuing Editor John R. Delaney specialized in NAS devices, wrote an in depth review of Amber X focusing on both technical specs and his experience using every feature of the product. 

He greatly explain the first's setup procedures and how he tested the product. Amber X was easy to set up and very fast to back up files, thanks to its NVMe SSD. His testing showed that Amber X had achieved the same writing speed as their fastest NAS tested by PC Magazine at the time of the review.

Amber X Smart AI worked really well for him. Thanks to Latticework face recognition technology, he was able to group photos and videos in categories such as Nature, Vehicles, Pets and Dining.

His final Verdict: "A Handy Half a Terabyte Excellent vote 4 out of 5"

Photo credit: PC Magazine

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