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Smart Personal Cloud

Store your data locally and access it from anywhere with this Smart

personal cloud device.

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You Have Control Over Your

Data and Who Sees

Get all the convenience of the cloud in the privacy of your home.

Bring Your Data Home


No Subscriptions

Buy it once, use it forever. No hidden fees. Easily access and share files from Amber X where life takes you. The things you value most don't need to vanish when your credit card expires. 

Limitless Expansion

Built to expand with your needs. The internal 500GB SSD provides you high-speed storage right out of the box. Easily connect your USB drive and expand storage capacity for limitless possibilities.

Built-In Security

Secure login, permission settings, and TLS/SSL-encrypted connections so you can rest assured that Amber X keeps your files secure and accessible to only those you choose. 

Double Protection

In mid-2022 you will have the ability to add yet another layer of protection with AmberCloud Extend. Backup online for even greater peace of mind with this optional paid service.

Bring Your Data Home™ with Amber

Your Privacy-First Personal Cloud