Enterprise Power. Consumer Simplicity.

Store your data locally and access it from anywhere with this smart personal cloud device. With third-party apps you can do even more.

Bring the Cloud Back Down to Earth

AmberPRO gives you the power of the cloud without the headaches. It allows you to securely backup, access, and share your data without a subscription. It is unlike anything else with built-in WiFi routing and third-party app support available via Docker.

Self-hosting on Amber is easy with AmberPRO

Amber App Store 

With AmberPRO's App Store, Amber users can install Docker Apps easily with just one click.

  • One-Click to install many Docker App.

  • Anyone can install Docker App even for non-tech users.

  • Partner can make their own App on AmberPRO.

Amber with AmberPRO

Amber Anywhere

With a public URL provided by Amber Anywhere, you can access Docker App on your Amber from Anywhere.  

  1. Hassle-Free - No local Network configuration needed. 

  2. Eliminate DMZ, DNS, and Port Forwarding.

  3. Connect AmberPRO as a Smart Home server with a Secure tunnel.

Amber with AmberPRO

Support Anywhere

Remote support made simple. AmberPRO makes it easy for our partners to provide tech support services from everywhere. 

  • Privacy first: No access to data folders of Amber users. 

  • Permission-based remote access with tracking.

  • Secure login portal with authentication.

  • Access control panel with log history. 

  • View setting for seamless support.

Amber with AmberPRO

More than Storage

​With our App Store and the ability to load any app using Docker, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of those possibilities:

Why AmberPRO ?

✔️True Hybrid Cloud 

Amber devices are attached to MyAmber Cloud witout exposing to public internet.

✔️Secure & Private 

 Remote access to Amber is done by Amber iX app with secure private connection.

    ✔️Unlimited Expansion

   With third-party apps you can do even more with AmberPRO.

MyAmber Cloud

Without exposing your Amber devices directly to the public Internet, 

MyAmber Cloud helps you acccess your Amber devices from anywhere and share content with anyone. 

Get your Amber Cloud

✔Amber + MyAmber Cloud

Hassel-free Cloud-attached smart storage

✔ Hassel-free hybrid cloud

Amber devices are protected by MyAmber Cloud from ransomware attacks via the public internet. 

 Secure & Private connection

Easy-to-use Amber iX apps provide a secure and private connection to your Amber without network settings.

 Smart AI without public clouds

Grouping and sorting photos with Smart AI provided by your Amber, not by the public clouds.

 AmberPRO with Amber Anywhere

AmberPRO can install containerized apps with hassle-free cloud-like services by Amber Anywhere.

✘Legacy NAS with remote access

Network-attached storage connected to public internet

✗Local storage connected to internet

Internet ransomware attacks are on the rise, NAS users need to configure the firewall on the gateway properly. 

✗Public web access to legacy NAS  

Web portal to access legacy NAS is convenient, but it increases the vulnerability of internet attacks as well. 

✗Cloud relay for connection only

Legacy NAS is using a cloud relay service for remote access without cloud space. No remote backup.

✗Add-on Packages add-on risks

Third-party packages are not easy to be managed by non-tech users to prevent attacks from the internet.

Choose your AmberPRO

Amber One - AmberPRO 2TB


(inc. NL VAT 21%)
  • Home Cloud Server
  • 2 TB HDD (1TB *2) 
  • Amber OS + AmberPRO
  •  Intel Dual-Core CPU
  • Built-in Router with Dual Band WiFi

Amber Plus - AmberPRO 4TB


(inc. NL VAT 21%)
  • Home Cloud Server 
  • 4 TB HDD (2TB*2)
  • Amber OS + AmberPRO
  • Intel Dual-Core CPU 
  • Built-in Router with Dual Band WiFi