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Everyone has the right to keep their digital data private, secure and accessible wherever they are. This conviction reinforces our commitment to innovation that gives strength and peace of mind. Our vision is to implement a technology that enables the preservation of memories from one digital generation to the next.

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Our Solutions

MyAmber Cloud

Without exposing your Amber devices directly to the public Internet, 

MyAmber Cloud helps you acccess your Amber devices from anywhere and share content with anyone. 

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Amber X

 229 .00

  • Smart Personal Cloud Storage Hub
  • 512 GB SSD
  • Amber OS 
  • ARM 6-Core CPU 
  • Bluetooth & WiFi

Amber One

  €549 .00

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing Appliance
  • 2 TB HDD (1TB *2) 
  • Amber OS + AmberPRO
  •  Intel Dual-Core CPU
  • Built-in Router with Dual Band WiFi

Amber Plus

 649 .00

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing Appliance
  • 4 TB HDD (2TB*2)
  • Amber OS + AmberPRO
  • Intel Dual-Core CPU 
  • Built-in Router with Dual Band WiFi

Why Amber ?

✔️True Hybrid Cloud 

Amber devices are attached to MyAmber Cloud witout exposing to public internet.

✔️Secure & Private 

 Remote access to Amber is done by Amber iX app with secure private connection.

    ✔️Turn dumb to Smart

Turn your dumb USB HDD to a smart storage with cloud-like features.

Bring Your Data Home™ 

with Amber by Latticework