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LatticeWork is a technology company that develops cloud and edge solutions that focus on on-prem data storage without sacrificing data privacy and cloud accessibility. We have learned that this is not only desired by thousands of consumers but also by businesses that are deploying customized hardware and software solutions on embedded edge computing devices.

We provide a reliable AmberOS that is trusted by thousands of Amber and Amber X users and help people store, organize and share their precious photos, videos, or any data with ease. We are now bringing this platform to businesses, including enterprises, system integrators, governments, educational institutes, etc., to help them deploy their proprietary software with a reliable OS platform with storage access, surveillance, and even edge AI API services. In addition, we turbocharge your applications by allowing the data to be accessed remotely or even accessing a web application from the Internet if a browser can open it.

We believe the ideal edge computing platform requires a reliable OS and software stack that provides flexible HW supports, an AI hardware accelerator if needed, and domain-specific applications. Therefore, we are willing to provide our partners with our Amber OS with its built-in hybrid cloud and storage support and API services. In addition, much x86-based third-party hardware is currently supported, and ARM-based hardware support is coming soon. As our partner, you should be able to focus on your application and its business logic to build your complete solution without worrying about storage, access, and cloud infrastructure issues. Please contact us if this is what you are looking for. 

Edge Storage Computing

Gartner® predicts that ”By 2025, more than 50% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud.”
Terabytes of data are created every day for enterprises, manufacturing, transportation, smart devices, and so on. Not every bit of data needs to be sent to the cloud due to privacy, bandwidth, and cost concerns. 

The Amber Hybrid Cloud provides a perfect edge and cloud software and infrastructure for our partners to store everything locally on edge devices with secure remote access from anywhere. The AmberPRO App Store based on Docker allows our partners to easily port and deploy customized applications for edge computing and infrastructure for remote support and monitoring.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology that allows millions of embedded devices to become smart and Internet-connected. Since the data collected by IoT devices can be huge over time, the need for the data storage and analysis locally on edge is obvious.

Devices running AmberOS provide the local storage hub for the nearby IoT devices, either connecting through local networks or physical connections such as USB, RS-232, RS-485, etc. The applications running on AmberPRO can process the data collected from the local IoT devices and send analyzed data to the cloud instead of sending all raw data, which can be costly on cloud bandwidth.

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Edge AI

Every business is utilizing artificial intelligence to gain business insight from the data they collect. The data collected from the edge device, such as surveillance videos, industrial sensors, audio signals from microphones, etc., are most suitable for processing at the edge, not in the cloud.

LatticeWork is partnering with DeGirum, a provider of powerful, flexible, and affordable edge AI hardware accelerators, to provide our partners a one-stop service with all-in-one storage, computing, hybrid cloud, and edge AI platform.

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LatticeWork’s Amber Hybrid Cloud Platform is uniquely suited for commercial applications that require autonomous and/or high-performance operations that cannot tolerate hiccups or even high latency in internet connectivity. We are developing several edge AI applications for our early partners. Here are some of the edge AI projects we are currently engaging:

  • Car-port break-in monitoring and deterrence system
  • Solar-powered mobile trailer surveillance systems for job-site protection
  • Neighborhood traffic monitoring system

If you have a similar application that needs an intelligent and cloud-accessible monitoring system that can operate autonomously in real-time, please feel free to send an inquiry to