Enjoy Your Own Private Cloud

Simple, Secure, Subscription-Free

Store your data locally and access it from anywhere. Get the power of the cloud without subscriptions and without sacrificying your privacy.

Two Award-Winning Devices

Amber X, AmberPRO (Amber One & Amber Plus)

Meet the Amber family of products designed to give you back control over your digital life. With Amber X and AmberPRO, all your photos, videos, and files are stored safe and secure in your home or office.

Amber X and Amber Pro

One Powerful App

Amber iX for Mobiles & Desktop

With the free Amber iX app for mobile and desktop, you can access, backup, synchronize, stream, and share from anywhere.

Camera roll backing up

Your Cloud. Your Rules.


Without exposing your Amber devices directly to the public Internet, MyAmber Cloud helps you acccess your Amber devices from anywhere and share content with your family, friends, office colleagues, or anyone else under your rules. 

Login in to the Amber account

Why Amber ?

✔️ Simple 

The guided setup makes it easy to get going and makes running your private cloud painless.  


Always know where your data is and who has access. Encryption adds even more protection.

✔️Subscription Free

All current Amber iX features are available without a subscription. Save money every month.

Bring Your Amber Home!

Amber X - Smart Personal Cloud (512GB)

  € 249.00

(inc. NL VAT 21%)

Home Cloud Storage Hub

  • 512 GB SSD
  • Amber OS 
  • ARM 6-Core CPU 
  • Bluetooth & WiFi

Amber One - AmberPRO 2TB

  €449 .00

(inc. NL VAT 21%)
  • Home Cloud Server
  • 2 TB HDD (1TB *2) 
  • Amber OS + AmberPRO (Docker App)
  •  Intel Dual-Core CPU
  • Built-in Router with Dual Band WiFi

Amber Plus- AmberPRO 4TB


(inc. NL VAT 21%)
  • Home Cloud Server 
  • 4 TB HDD (2TB*2)
  • Amber OS + AmberPRO (Docker App)
  • Intel Dual-Core CPU 
  • Built-in Router with Dual Band WiFi