Amber App on Homey App
Not just Storage. A Safe Way to Share. Amber App is live on Homey App

What is Homey?

Homey is a smart home hub manufactured by the Dutch company Athom B.V. Unlike some closed systems, Homey has an app interface with an open API that allows third-party developers to add support for their products in Homey. Like other smart home hubs, the purpose of Homey is to act as a central point of configuration, control, and monitoring of components in a smart home. An automatic control flow is nicknamed a "Flow" in the Homey app.

Everything Local

Homey Pro does everything on-premise, to take advantage of the lowest latency and highest reliability. Homey Pro can do Powerful Home Automation. 

What is Amber?

Amber is a privacy-first smart personal cloud with computing power as a smart home server. Amber can store your data locally and access it from anywhere. Amber is perfectly working as a private cloud solution for Homey users to store their smart home data at home. The users have total control over their data. Amber's users can get all the convenience of the cloud in the privacy of your home.

What Amber can do with Homey?

This Amber App on Homey can allow Homey App users to retrieve information from their Amber. Get notification when a value has changed.

How to use: - Install this app on your Homey. - Go to new devices - Fill in IP - Username - Password - (2FA optional) - Data will be fetched. - Check statuses or create flows. Current features: - Switch on / off. (Requires Wake-On-Lan to be active) - Display CPU % - Display Disk % - Display Temperature - Temperature alarm - Display online time - Get notification when a value has changed. - Flows

Amber is not just storage, also a safe way to share  

With Amber App available on Homey App, now you can Homey App to manage your smart devices at home and use Amber to store your private data, while you have total control over your data, and get all the convenience of the cloud in the privacy of your home!

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