Amber Plus - Review by "Everything Smart Home"

We present you the Youtube channel "Everything Smart Home", a channel dedicated to new smart tools in our homes.

The video also presents several products that can play the role of home assistant.
First of all, it presents us several products that can be used as home assistants.

The part of the video that interests us is the last one when he presents the Amber Plus.

"The Amber Plus is a completely different product from the others"

It presents the Amber as an ultra-equipped NAS, with its Dual Core n4000 and 2TB of storage.

The Amber plus contains several HDMI, USB inputs to make the most of the capabilities of this tool.

Amber Plus does not work like other devices where you can choose your environment (OS), here we have an OS already predefined which is the Amber OS that allows both to be a local storage space at home, but also a wifi router but also a device that can contain Dockers applications.

Amber Plus allows to synchronize all our photos, videos via Windows, Linux, Mac and any other OS system.

See the Youtube video here

« You can access your data from anywhere in the world »

He also tested the power consumption of the Amber Plus which is quite correct for the services and power it offers.

« Amber Plus is an energy efficient product »

Amber Plus has its own App Store with a Home Assistant.

He concludes by saying that it is a very interesting product according to him, which contains very useful features in everyday life.

We let you see the Youtube channel Everything Smart Home

His Youtube channel

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