Amber X  Highlighted in Fortune

If there is one thing that the pandemic has made abundantly clear, it is the paradigm shift in the way we work that we are still getting used to. Fortune magazine writer Chris Morrus, attentive during the CES event, shows us a number of tools that will facilitate this. 

“As telecommuting and hybrid working become the new norm, tech companies are increasingly trying to create new tools and gadgets that make working remotely easier. And at CES 2022, the tech industry’s largest annual event, there are plenty of examples on display (though, perhaps fittingly, many of those displays are virtual).”

You can review the full article following here.

And what was one of the most relevant of the five tools you mentioned? Indeed, Amber X! It goes like this:

“There are obvious advantages to storing files on the cloud, including letting people access them from anywhere and saving you from losing valuable photos, documents, and more owing to hard drive failure. But recent hacker attacks on cloud servers, including Amazon’s mighty Amazon Web Services, has some people worried about storing their important files with third parties. Amber X’s personal cloud server lets you keep the accessibility, but do away with the subscription fees cloud storage companies charge customers. The device gives you better control of your data, such as setting access permissions (letting you share files with only the people you want) and freeing up storage space on mobile devices. The $229 system comes with 500GB of internal data storage (which, admittedly, isn’t a lot), but it can also connect to external hard drives, letting you ultimately store as much as you need.”

If you want to know more about Amber X, the revolutionary product that caused a sensation at CES you can visit our website for more information.  

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