Why Should You Care About Email Security?
email privacy and security

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a trend that has been growing traction for years: the shift to remote and hybrid work. As businesses become more decentralized, communication platforms have become a more important part of people's work routines. People need to be able to quickly share data or convey their thoughts wherever they may be, and email is one of the most popular ways to do this. 

While remote work has its benefits, it has also brought on significant new challenges for businesses and organizations. The dramatic rise of cybercrime has resulted in trillions of dollars in losses. Cybercrime magazine reports that global losses will reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, exponentially larger than the yearly damage from natural disasters.

Cybercrime Costs. PHOTO: Cybercrime Magazine. 

Email, in particular, could be your biggest security vulnerability. 94% of malware is delivered through email, and it's no surprise that email security has been identified as the top IT security project of 2021, according to a global benchmark report.

But that does not mean that emails are going away. It has proven to be the most cost-effective way to communicate online, and the best thing you can do is to follow best practices and invest in solutions that protect your data.

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Here are a few reasons why you should care about email privacy and security.

Remain compliant with data privacy laws

Many industries are bound by data privacy laws and regulations to safeguard the data they handle and store. For instance, the GDPR requires “data protection by design and by default,” and encourages businesses to adopt secure email. 

Without safeguards in place, threat actors can gain access to your private data. Failure to meet these requirements can leave your organization vulnerable to fines and possible litigation from consumers if their data is exposed.

Safeguard confidential data

Emails contain everything from company secrets to medical results, and businesses must take measures to ensure that emails are protected from point to point. A breach can expose confidential and private information such as intellectual property and credit card numbers.

Minimize risk

Many cyberattacks are the result of poor security protocols and human error. A single mistake can leave businesses vulnerable to extortion, data theft, and reputational loss.

A combination of digital tools and best practices ensures that these risks are mitigated, and only authorized users can access confidential data.

Elevate your email security

Sendent offers organizations, from small teams to large businesses, the ability to communicate with clients, staff, and vendors in a safe, secure, and user-friendly way. 
It complements the AmberPRO ecosystem and the LatticeWork mission to give users the power of the cloud without the headaches. 

Through the Nextcloud Docker app , users can set up their private Nextcloud cloud server with their AmberPRO for easy access to secure files. Outlook users can then install Sendent through the AmberPRO App Store to ensure safe email communication.

Our solutions make secure communication easy and accessible for everyone. We have adopted a user-and-privacy-first mindset, ensuring that our users will never lose control of their data.

You can visit Sendent website for more information.

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