AmberPRO review by Roberto Jorge Tech

Photo credit: YouTube @RobertoJorgeTech

"A complete 4-in-1 unit:
NAS, Wi-Fi Router, Mini Home Server & Multimedia Player"

Roberto Jorge Tech is a Portuguese tech youtuber that, with over 1300 videos of experience, has become and expert to overview every tech gadget and software he gets on hand. In his video, Roberto illustrate the full potential of the AmberPro in an very in-depth overview, with accurate technical description.

He shows the usefulness and versatility of AmberOS and explains the different features with some examples. In the video he greatly highlight one of the most powerful capabilities being the Amber Pro Tools, which allows users to install docker images with just one click. Want to know more about it? Check this page out!

Photo credit: YouTube @RobertoJorgeTech

Roberto succeeded into explaining the different needs that the product can satisfy, from personal to professional use. He demonstrated how AmberPRO satisfy both personal and professional needs. As an example, he showed how easy it is to set Home Assistant, an open-source software used for home automation. If you are interest in AmberPRO could fit your needs you can buy it her​e!

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