Amber X review by Jellina Detmar

Photo credit: Jellina Detmar

"The Amber products provide peace of mind knowing that memories are protected and offers flexibility in managing, editing, storing, and enjoying files and capturing new moments."

Jellina discusses the benefits of using an Amber hard drive to store important data, particularly photos. She emphasizes the significance of photos in both her professional and personal life, as they capture valuable memories and tell stories. She also express the need for a secure and easy way to store and back up their photos. Jellina highlights the use of personal cloud devices, specifically the Amber X and AmberPRO, which provide a reliable and convenient solution for storing large amounts of photos and files. Compared to other storage devices like USB sticks, the Amber hard drive offers greater capacity and reliability, allowing users to store terabytes of photos. The backup process is automatic, triggered whenever a new file is saved on the computer or a photo is taken with a mobile phone.

Photo credits: Jellina Detmar

Jellina especially appreciates the organized work enabled by having sufficient storage space. With proper folder structures and file naming, they can easily navigate and find specific photos within their collections. Furthermore, having ample storage space on a hard drive provides a safeguard against the loss of valuable photos due to technical malfunctions, theft, or unforeseen events. 

The Amber iX app was also mentioned, which is used in conjunction with the Amber X and AmberPRO devices. This app can be installed on both PCs and phones, allowing users to access their photos from anywhere. It is convenient to be able to import, edit, and share photos without worrying about running out of storage space.

The ability to stream photos directly from the app is highlighted as another significant advantage. It allows users to view photos instantly without the need for downloading, which is useful for saving phone storage or quickly sharing/viewing photos on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

In conclusion, the free Amber iX app offers additional features for managing, protecting, and sharing photos, ensuring access to photos from anywhere and facilitating personalized management.


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