Is using a cloud like using someone else's computer?
With the general cloud, yes. But new generation hybrid clouds are different, let's learn why.

We learned here how the cloud system works and its pros and cons. Thanks to the cloud, people can work wherever they prefer, connect with loved ones from any distance, and know their data isn't lost when your grip on their phone is. The benefits of storing personal data in a cloud are many, on the other hand people are turning files over to big corporations, in a certain way there is a loss of freedom too. The service of course is not free and often burdened by growing subscription fees, there might be uncertainty about the security of files, and difficulty of leaving ecosystems designed to lock you in.

When "the cloud is just someone else's computer," as the saying goes, what choice do you have? Not much. But what if the cloud can be fully yours? The cloud doesn't need to be someone else's computer anymore! Gather your files securely on a device in your home or office, and enjoy the freedom you deserve from anywhere with Amber, your own private hybrid cloud.

Latticework produces two award-winning devices offering this freedom without requiring any unique technical ability. Amber X is for individuals and small families who get powerful backup, streaming and sharing capabilities in a small, affordable device without a subscription. AmberPRO is designed for larger families and or professionals which need more internal storage and want the ability to have a router, to run powerful third-party apps on their private cloud, thanks to the Docker apps.
With Amber, cloud convenience and freedom don't need to be expensive and you can take back the ownership of your data. They don't need to come at the cost of digital privacy. Learn how you can enjoy your own private cloud by visiting

Amber by Latticework.

Amber X and Amber PRO, both available in Latticework Shop.
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