What are Artificial Intelligence and Face Recognition and why are they useful in Backups

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Face Recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as the ability of a machine to exhibit human capabilities: these include reasoning, creativity, learning and planning. Thanks to artificial intelligence, machines can work autonomously, adapting their behavior.
Facial recognition is a typical artificial intelligence technique; its use is related to security purposes (surveillance, for example).
Facial recognition makes use of different techniques, so it is referred to as “generalized“ facial recognition or “adaptive regional“ facial recognition.
Through the study and analysis of the focal points of a human face, applications, such as Amber X, can use data acquired from faces and identify relevant individuals as well as animals and things.

Face Recognition Process. Source: Pixabay.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Backups

Why can facial recognition be convenient when it comes to backup?
Facial recognition can be very convenient because it allows photos to be categorized: by unique people, things, or animals.
It seems clear how it makes it easier to store files but more importantly to find a particular photo, which can be found by person. 
Instead of manually proceeding with the creation of subfolders divided by people, with facial recognition enabled it is artificial intelligence that does this work for us.

Smart AI on Amber iX App.

Amber provides you with an outstanding service: storing data is made easier than ever, and finding the photo you were looking for won't take ages. With the Smart AI service, every backed up photo will be scanned and a person, a place or an animal will be tagged.

This way, when searching for a particular picture, you won't need to scroll anymore: just a tap on the tagged place or person and you'll easily find it!

Amber X: how does it work and its technical features.
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